The BUILT WITH CHOCOLATE MILK campaign showcases what elite athletes have known for years – and what research supports: drinking lowfat chocolate milk after strenuous exercise helps athletes recover, rebuild and reshape their bodies so they’re ready to give it their all in their next workout or competition.

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  • Know Your Milk

    Looking for more information about the benefits of drinking milk? Visit MilkLife.com for the facts and science about milk’s important role in the diet – from athletes to kids.

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  • #GetReal

    Consumers are faced with more choices than ever in the dairy case. Dairy milk alternatives and dairy-free diet trends are bombarding consumers with confusing, conflicting and inaccurate information about dairy milk and the perceived benefits of dairy milk alternatives. This information provides the consumer with the knowledge necessary to make informed decisions when purchasing milk.

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  • Milk Life

    The Milk Life campaign, in the market roughly three years, articulates the brand truth that milk helps power potential, with protein and balanced nutrition that help families make the most of each day and the most out of life.

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  • The Great American Milk Drive

    More than 46 million Americans – including 12 million children – rely on Feeding America food banks each year. Milk is one of the most requested but least donated items at food banks, meaning children in need may be missing out on the essential nutrients, including high-quality protein, it supplies.

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