• "got milk?"

    This year, the industry is bringing forward “got milk?”. Not to return to the past, but to bring forward this iconic tagline and product in a refreshed world where milk is undoubtedly essential and top of mind among consumers – and where the category’s momentum is on an upward trajectory.

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  • Dairy and COVID-19

    Read the latest updates on COVID-19 from MilkPEP and the Dairy Communications Management Team.

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    The BUILT WITH CHOCOLATE MILK campaign showcases what elite athletes have known for years – and what research supports: drinking lowfat chocolate milk after strenuous exercise helps athletes recover, rebuild and reshape their bodies so they’re ready to give it their all in their next workout or competition.

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  • Know Your Milk

    Looking for more information about the benefits of drinking milk? Visit MilkLife.com for the facts and science about milk’s important role in the diet – from athletes to kids.

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  • US Olympic Team Center

    This year’s Olympic activation looks different than any we’ve done in the past. We’re tapping Tokyo’s newest and edgiest sports, telling the authentic milk stories of Team USA’s coolest athletes and bringing it all to consumers via an innovative augmented reality experience that will be accessed exclusively by purchasing real milk.

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