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We, as a dairy community, have a powerful opportunity to tap into this food culture revolution to build relevance and trust with both moms and kids. According to a recent MilkPEP study of 2,400 moms and 1,500 children, we know moms are feeling neutral about milk. And, we know that kids love milk. In fact, many kids would drink even more milk if they could because it tastes great, and they know how good and nutritious it is for them. As part of a broader industry wide effort to reintroduce dairy and milk to our consumers, food culture is one of MilkPEP’s strategic imperatives impacting everything we do. And, MilkPEP has developed a long-term plan to help milk brands align with consumer values and elevate milk’s farm-to-table role.

Over the next two years, we’ll show milk differently across all programs, whether it’s national advertising, point-of-sale, social media content or as part of strategic partnerships. We will demonstrate how milk is part of the evolved food value equation that moves beyond traditional values of convenience, taste and price and connects emotionally with consumers in areas of health & wellness, safety, social responsibility and experience. MilkPEP is focused on arming you with resources you need to elevate and align your brand values within today’s food culture. Check out our Food Culture toolkit, which includes valuable resources to help you think about your approach to food culture including strategic guidance, trends, brand resources and retail activation opportunities.

By aligning your brand with this new food movement, you can appeal to mom’s heart and mind to inspire her to look at milk with a fresh eye and encourage her kids to drink milk because it’s wholesome and contains essential nutrients.

Visit our Food Culture Toolkit
  • Farm to Glass Campaign

    Farm To Glass is an integrated effort designed to educate and debunk myths surrounding milk’s farm-to-table journey and connect with today’s food culture.

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